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What I Offer

In Person

In person tutoring sessions in the Galveston area. I can meet you at your home for a one on one session covering the topics you need help with. For programming related tutoring I can provide an extra laptop for the session if needed.



Online tutoring sessions via zoom or your preferred conference software. I can share my screen with you and we can work through problems together. I can also provide a link for a google doc so we can work collaboratively with live comments and edits. For programming related tutoring I can provide a link to a repl.it session so we can work on code together.


Code Review

I can review your code and provide feedback on how to improve it. I can also help you debug your code and find the source of any errors.


Contact Me!

If you want to contact me for services use the contact details below!

Phone: (408) 816-9542

Email: cmsands@tutanota.com (click to email)

Tutoring With Cameron